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My Approach

I use a collection of treatment techniques including psychodynamic, CBT, and mindfulness techniques. Each client and session will be personalized to best fit your needs and what works for you. Ongoing feedback is welcome to better our work together.

A unique facet to my practice is my passion for client-centered care and meeting someone where they are at

- both figuratively and literally.

I specialize in providing therapy in-home. 

I truly believe that making therapy accessible is an important aspect to making therapy work. Not all clients have the ability to travel, whether due to physical, mental, and/or financial barriers. I want to bring the service to you, where you are most comfortable. Location can vary based on clients needs, meaning I'm willing to travel directly to your home/work/other safe space. I also offer phone and video sessions for added convenience. I provide direct services in NY and NJ.

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