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About Me

I grew up in Illinois and attended The University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana for an undergraduate degree in psychology. With my dreams of living in the big city, I then moved to New York to complete a Masters of Social Work at New York University. I have experience working on an ACT team in the community and in outpatient/inpatient treatment in hospitals. In that experience, I have seen a diverse population of people and feel comfortable tackling new client issues each day. Within the hospital, I focused my expertise into geriatric psychiatry. I have extensive skills in working with older adults and their caregivers around diagnoses in older age and medical conditions affecting mental health. I frequently utilize my consultation skills around nursing home and rehabilitation placement for older adults requiring a higher level of care.


With my experience working in both community and hospital settings, I have gained greater insights into the various acuity levels of mental health and the services that can be provided in either setting. In 2022, I expanded into a group practice. Check us out at!


I am licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

  • NY LCSW License No. 084667

  • NJ LCSW License No. 44SC05805700

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